Friday, October 22, 2010

when i have to choose media player application

month ago , I have installed iTune software on my laptop
so i think it's going to made my pc slow working ,maybe it consume memory (RAM) so much for me. then I 've decided to remove this and try to install new light weight software such as "foobar200" . It's really simply user-interface and small size program but have many effective feature and working.

but today I need to improve my english about listening skill such as ear-training. then i have choose to practise from podcast listeninge. so i have no idea to find any cool program to use
.when i write "podcast" word with google searching. I found there 're many program to subscribe but it require iTune to run this program mostly . now i have already installed iTune again for podcast listening  :(

so anyone have an idea about cool podcast software that suite for me ?  :)

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