Tuesday, September 6, 2011

live your life like you are the poet

Something when life stuck

or living happy

that's depend on your decision and passion.

I think if we dare to challenge or beat something that is not really easy.

it's worth to do that whatever it will be success or fail.

like me ..

I'd rather to do something that i think i wanna do that's not "should".

I never regret any of my dicision.

I belive any decision made me a human.

the human that live stronger more with any step of his decision

and he is going to pround himself until he can't breath and stay longer on the world.

Friday, October 22, 2010

when i have to choose media player application

month ago , I have installed iTune software on my laptop
so i think it's going to made my pc slow working ,maybe it consume memory (RAM) so much for me. then I 've decided to remove this and try to install new light weight software such as "foobar200" . It's really simply user-interface and small size program but have many effective feature and working.

but today I need to improve my english about listening skill such as ear-training. then i have choose to practise from podcast listeninge. so i have no idea to find any cool program to use
.when i write "podcast" word with google searching. I found there 're many program to subscribe but it require iTune to run this program mostly . now i have already installed iTune again for podcast listening  :(

so anyone have an idea about cool podcast software that suite for me ?  :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hello Blogspot !

First time that I try with new blogging site like google blog spot.
It's really simply for me.

I have used 'Wordpress' blogging site before but I have to spend money for mysite hosting fee.
Now, I think blogspot is simply free and simply to use . that is a point for me :D

OK. have a nice day !